Tonight I was reminded of the goodness that still exists in our sometimes seemly cold; hard world we all deal with daily. I was having a Monday, and not really focusing on all the things in my day. After leaving my fulltime job, I stopped at my local Krogers to get my lunches for the next few days. Upon checking out, I first put in change, then a $20.00 bill. I only grabbed the reciept and coupon, forgetting the $15.00 I had coming back; which is something I never do. About 2 hours later while having dinner with my Wendi, I discovered what I had done. I got upset with myself, as $15.00 today to me is more than a weeks worth of lunch, not something I can just brush off as I once could. Wendi and I both were sure it was long gone.

Upon going home, I decided to stop back to Krogers and took in my reciept feeling pretty dumb for forgetting, and sure there was no way it would be there. I saw Nan, the one worker at the registers who always seems to be working. As I approached her and begin to tell her what happened, she smiled, and motioned me to follow her. She explained that a young man who works there had been behind me, and saw what I had left after I was gone. He had givin it promptly to her, with a description of me. I hugged her and thanked her, and asked for him, but he had already gone home.. My Monday instantly became a great day because of a young man doing the right thing, and giving me more faith in his generation as well.

The messages I include in every design of Karma Inc Apparel-tes even the “Guilty” design, are ment to inspire the good in everyone, especially young people. In our case, you can be “Guilty” of Giving, Loving, Caring, and more. Right now were trying to help children, who’s families who cannot afford them, with school supplies and backpacks in Saginaw MI. We want kids to feel good about themselves, and have the proper supplies so they stay in school and learn. Thats what sets us apart from other Brands, giving for everything we are given. We don’t just place a cool design on our apparel, we give it meaning, and live it everyday. Our motto is “Give What You Receive”. Today I was the one to receive. So Thank you young sir, you did something very important today. Be blessed.

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Allowing ourselves to be complacent in life allows us to create excuses for not attaining our goals. Success is fueled by a hunger to achieve what we set out to do at the start. We all face challenges; some more than others. Some face financial, physical, or emotional roadblocks on our paths. How we face them, and overcome them defines our destiney. Our society today presents constant temptations not seen even a generation ago. Whats portrayed in our Media today often sends a false message. Possessions, immense wealth not earned, pleasures, taking without giving,so called “Reality” shows that present a false message; lead many to misery, and failure. We must all work at some point as one people; equal in value, to achieve the world we would want to pass on to our children,and theirs. No one person is better at the start than the next. We must all be willing to step outside our comfort zone,and do the hard work.

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