OCTOBER IS OFFICIAL ANTI_BULLYING MONTH;HELP US END BULLYING PERIOD!!!! Karma Inc Apparel is honored to be in support of Champions Against Bullying.
As a young man,I was bullied. But that ended for me in facing down the biggest school bully. Today it’s not that simple for children & Teens. Today the bully’s gang up on their targets in person & on social media. Young people have been driven to depression,& some to ending their live’s as they saw no other way out.
This is unacceptable & must end NOW! It begins with education,& involving parents in every aspect of their childrens lives. Champions Agaist Bullying are truly making a difference in many live’s,& Champions Against Bullying is committed to creating a society where every child has the opportunity to develop, learn & thrive in an environment without fear, without violence & without limitation. Karma Inc Apparel,& our many supporters are 100% behind this great organization. So we are donating 10% of every purchase, and $5.00 from every sale of our “RELENTLESS AGAINST BULLYING ” design apparel. Look great,& send a positive message you support the ending of Bullying PERIOD with these great designs.
Thank you for your support, Brian Martindale – Karma Inc Apparel


Thanks to Rise and Stand for their Support!



Help us support St.Judes Kids

We are honoring a music legend with our most AWESOME design yet; Our Brand New—”WITH MUSIC WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD” Mens and Womens T-Shirts.

Dick Wagner was known as the “MASTERO” to his friends in the Business. Dick was on of the founding members of “THE FROST”. Then Dick went on the write and record with his friend ALICE COOPER as well as playing on “TRAIN KEPT A ROLLIN” with AEROSMITH playing on DESTROYER for KISS as well as playing with LOU REED and many others. I had the pleasure of knowing Dick in his last few years,and must say what a wonderful and kind man. Last November- Dick and his friends made the video below for St.Judes kids titled- “IF I HAD THE TIME; I COULD CHANGE THE WORLD”. Please watch and download,as St.Judes receives 50 cents per download. After seeing this video- I thought it would be great to honor Dicks effort to support the Children of St.Judes with music by designing a shirt that would tell people that Music really can Change The World. So hear you go- everytime you buy this shirt – ALL PROCEEDS after actual costs goes directly to ST.Judes. Join us if you LOVE MUSIC,and support great kids and the great work of St.JUdes,and show off a great shirt! All Karma Inc Apparel T-Shirts now printed on soft Bella and Canvass products that you will LOVE!!


Music Can Change The World

Women’s T-Shirts



Music Can Change The World

Men’s T-Shirts


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Terry Ilous

Great White


Kevin Figueiredo



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Chris “Godzilla” Doliber


Aaron and Alyssa

Aaron Letrick &
Alyssa Jordyn

Bian and Jeremy

Bian & Jeremy Pastoria


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Give the Gift of a Kidney



Blood Type: O

Yennifer Gutierrez

Yennifer Gutierrez

Blood Type: O Positive

A Kidney For Christmas

A Kidney For Christmas


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