The Eimers Foundation


When Robby Eimers, age 13, was 9 years old , he drove down to Detroit e his grandmother and one of her friends to drop off a couple of coats and blankets to a homeless shelter. When Robby saw how many homeless people there were, it shocked him and made him sad so he decided he must do something. He went home and started doing chores and putting the money he raised away along with some of his Birthday and Christmas money. When he had enough saved, he would go buy hats, gloves, socks and other items and take them to the shelter about once a month. One day Robby decided he wasn’t doing enough so it ended up as a weekly trip. He has been Sharing every week for four years. Robby calls what he does “Sharing” and the homeless his “Friends”. If you met Robby, you would see that he is a humble, caring and loving person who doesn’t talk much, but sure does help a lot of people.
Robby has worked hard towards his many goals and recently reached a big one. The Eimers Foundation has obtained its 501.(c)(3) Status. Now he will be able to apply for grants and get Corporate donations. He also helps local families in his hometown when they don’t have enough to eat or need money to pay their utility bills.
Robby and Emma go Sharing every week all year round, in all kinds of weather. Robby started The Eimers Foundation to get the word out and also started a Facebook page where he shares pictures and stories of his weekly trips. The page is not to boast about what he is doing, but to show others how it is done and teach them how many people are homeless. Robby’s goal is to get other kids (and adults) doing the same in their own hometowns, around the world, so, one day there will be no more hungry or homeless Friends.
His next goal is to get a Food Truck so he can serve food more efficiently and go to more places to reach Friends that can not get to where he usually serves. His family and Friends have started a GoFundme account to try to make that happen for him. Andiamo Italia Restaurant heard about Robby’s dream to get a Food Truck. They have a brand new Food Truck and they have offered to sponsor 2 Sharing’s a month! Robby will be able to learn how a food truck operates. They are also going to let him work with the head chef to prep and cook the food. He is very excited. Robby also wants to get a building where he can serve his Friends inside instead of out in inclement weather.
Robby is a role model for other children as well as adults. He has Big Plans. The first being starting a National Campaign to involve more kids in pursuing their passions. Robby speaks at schools and churches and teaches other children to follow their passion and do something about it. He tells them that it doesn’t have to be helping the homeless, it can be whatever they want to do to make the future better for their communities. His sister, Emma, age 10, loves animals so one day they voted unanimously 2-0 to create “Furry Friends” a division of The Eimers Foundation. Emma collects food and other items for homeless animals. Robby never asks others for donations for himself, but people from around the country, then the world, started to donate. They said they were inspired by Robby to do something too.
The Eimers Foundation has received over $30,000 this past year in donations and he spends every penny on helping his Friends. Those who live near Robby go Sharing with him or collect donations and ask him to Share their items for them. The number of Friends has grown from an average of 40 Friends a week to now serving between 150-200 Friends a week. Besides making a full dinner each week, he takes fully packed lunches that his Friends can take for later. He also Shares hygiene products, hats, gloves, scarves, coats, blankets, shoes, boots, and many other items. More and more volunteers show up each week to help Share. It has become a community event. Robby is very grateful for everyone who has helped him over the years.
Robby also has Holiday themed parties, complete with decorations, for his Friends too. At Christmas he dresses up as Santa and throws a great big Christmas Party in the fields. He brings a tree and ornaments for his Friends to decorate and wrapped gifts. He feels everyone deserves to open at least one present at Christmastime. For Halloween, he has a Halloween party complete with costumes and trick or treating. His Friends love parties so for his 12th Birthday they had a Surprise Birthday Party for him. Ms Diane, a great person and a volunteer with the Foundation, brought a big Happy Birthday sign and all of his Friends signed it. They also took up a collection of loose change, put it in a plastic shopping bag, and presented it to him as his birthday gift. They said they knew it wasn’t much, but they wanted to give him something for all he has done for them over the years.
Robby also volunteers with other organizations that support low income families, single mothers, homeless pregnant teens, and homeless veterans who are in transitional housing. The Eimers Foundation is growing and continues to get National Attention yet Robby is very humble and does not like the personal attention, but is grateful that his mission to end homelessness is being shared around the world. He and his family were flown to Universal Studios in Orlando for an all expense paid trip given to him from the Steve Harvey Show where he was honored as one of Harvey’s Hero’s. He was very grateful and had the best time, but he did mention to his family that he felt guilty. That is just Robby.
In September, 2014, the State of Michigan’s Housing Commission invited him to be the opening speaker at their End Homelessness Summit held in Traverse City. Throughout the year he as spoken at churches, schools, corporations, and conventions. He recently was chosen as a finalist for the Michigan Governor’s Award for Youth Volunteer of the Year. He traveled to Grand Rapids and had dinner with Governor Sndyer. Robby receives messages from all over the world telling him that they have started a chapter of the Eimers Foundation in their hometowns; some as far away as Africa and Scotland.
Robby currently has a lot of projects he his working on. One being starting a youth group to get other kids involved in following their passions. It doesn’t have to be helping the homeless, just whatever they want to do. From speaking at schools, churches and other places, many kids and adults have started to go down to Sharing with him.
Another goal he has is to start physical fitness programs in the Shelters to help his Friends become healthier. For now he plays football, baseball and basketball with his friends in the field after Sharing. He also is planning to have an Art/Talent Show in the fall to showcase some of his Friends talents so they might be able to earn their own money to help them get out of their current situation. He has a Friend, Walter the Woodcarver, who carves wood. In December Walter told Robby he had to be out of the Shelter by Jan. 1. He didn’t know what he was going to do because he had no money and he didn’t want to go back on the streets. Mr Bill, a great man and loyal volunteer with the Eimers Foundation talked to Walter about selling his carvings to make some money. Robby posted pictures of the carvings on his Face Book page and immediately people started to buy them. Walter moved into his apartment in September with the savings he now has. The Foundation also serves and visits the Michigan Veterans’ Foundation in Detroit. Many of the Vets there have trouble walking so Mr. Bill suggested maybe Walter could carve canes for the Vets. People can donate $50 for a cane and then they can go to the Veterans Foundation when the Eimers Foundation serves dinner there and give their cane to a Veteran themselves. They named it Support a Vet. It is a great program for everyone.
Robby is currently preparing to apply for grants. He has a dream of getting his own building so his Friends and Volunteers don’t have to stand outside in all kinds of weather to be served their dinners. He would like a bathroom, a shower, and a washer and a dryer to start with.
When Robby gets older, he plans to play baseball for the Detroit Tigers and then when he turns 35, become the President of the United States, when he will end homelessness once and for all.

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